Reflection 11 Semester 2 2011/2012

This is the final class for GE2153 for this semester.
When Dr. Rosseni came to class, she asked us why we held the class for today.
I was like, huh??? Dr. asked us to come for this week.
Then, actually Dr. wants to see the other two presentation whether they have improved or not.
They really are.
Friends, we made it together.
At first, it was Zura’s group who present, and then it was Kay’s group.
They did a massive improvements which we can give credits for their improvements.
I believe that the second opportunity that Dr. Rosseni gave them, really help them a lot in improving their video presentation.
For video maker beginner like us, we really need time and chances to always improve our video work.
In addition, most importantly, second opportunity can help us upgrade our marks.
And for saying farewell, we took pictures together.

Like a family potrait.

That’s it from me for this sem, till next time. Bye… 🙂


Reflection 10 Semester 2 2011/2012

Assalamualaikum. 🙂
The day has come, the big day to determine all of our efforts before this are worthwhile or not.
By the way, Qila, Fana, Kay, Asri & me went late to the class because we have Arabic language class to attend to.
When we arrive, Dr. Rosseni lead the discussion of past year exam paper questions.
We are quite lost at first.
The time when I’m not lost is when the class is moving on to the next activity, which is the presentation.
I’m nervous about it, but I believe with all of our efforts before this, sleepless night and meetings every week, I believe it will be a worthwhile, even just for amateurs like us.
Solah and Aiman is not present because they have a programme in Langkawi.
Qila is much more nervous than me, until I don’t know how to calm her down.
At first we are given evaluation form to be filled in.
There is some misunderstood about the evaluation form, but the problem is overcome.
First group who did the presentation is Samirah’s group and we are the second group.
We are really really nervous about it, Qila and Luqman feels very shy their faces on the big screen since they are the hosts.
Here is the link for our video,
After we presented the video, alhamdulillah, praise to Allah we get good credits from the lecturer which is En. Helmi and Dr. Rosseni.
En. Helmi said, we just need to put some songs at the background of the hosts’ voice to make it more interesting.
Dr. Rosseni said she is very happy with our video.
I feel so relieved and happy with the compliment.
But, there’s one more task we need to do in order to get full marks.
We need to help the first group to fix some flow of their video.
Anyhow, Qila and Luqman as our group’s representatives did ask the group whether they need help or not, they said they are just fine.
I really hope that they really are fine.
Then the presentation of the day is continued with Kak Lin’s group and Sarah’s group.
Sarah’s group also get credit for their presentation.
I extremely loves their story transitions.
It is such a relief when our struggles really paid off.
We didn’t feel stress out much on working for this video, we are having great times together as group members.
Not only just work, we feel that this is some sorts of fun for us together.
In my opinion, this presentation helps me to encounter the feeling of nervous.
This presentation is a small presentation, but we are afraid whether our workpiece is acceptable or not.
Now I understand the feeling of people who presents their creative workpiece in a crowd.
In addition, Dr. Rosseni encourages us to help each other in order for each group to present the best video. 🙂
Last but not least, I want to apologize to everybody on behalf of myself or my group if we hurts anyone’s feeling whether the lecturers or our fellow friends.
Sesungguhnya yang baik datang dari Allah, yang buruk dari kami manusia yang lemah. 🙂

I also want to thanks everybody especially my lecturers and group members, without them, I can’t gain myself with something great like experience and new knowledge about technology. *new for me. 😛

It is such a great journey to attend to this course, I learn so many things, about technology and life.
Most importantly, I hope I can apply my knowledge for future usage.
Maybe I can be considered as not buta IT anymore.
Woot2~ ^^,

Special Reflection ^^,

For this reflection, I will tell you about our behind the scenes in making the video.
Since we are not satisfied with our shooting at Putrajaya before this, we decided to do once again the production stage of the video.
We shared money to rent a car, Aiman found a good bargain of a car, an Alza for six of us to fit in and RM80 for a half day.
The casts and crews are:

Asri as the cameraman of the camera/audio

Solah as director/storyboard

Me as driver/pictures editor

Luqman as host/script writer

Aiman as camerawoman of the videocam/video cutting

Qila as host/video editor cum person who did everything >.<“

After we got the car, we started our project by making the introduction of our video at the Dectar.
Then we are heading to Putrajaya.
I as the co-driver was given a bad critics from my friend about my driving.
Sorry friends, I love to drive but I am a clumsy person.
Solah is too afraid with my driving, I am also nervous with her reactions until I make so many mistakes.
Pity them.
But as long as they come back in one piece isn’t it? 😀
First place we visit is Masjid Besi again.

We shoot there until we are chased away by the guard.
He said that we can’t shoot there before 5.00 p.m.
Alhamdulillah we managed to finish our shoot just before we are being chased by the guard.
Then, while we are shooting, we found a man, who is exactly like Luqman.

We are laughing hard to see the unbelievable miracle.
Is he Luqman’s long lost brother, twins separated when birth like the Philippine soap opera dramas?
Plus they wore the same shirt on that day, white shirt.
After we finished the part at Masjid Besi, we straightly go to Alamanda to charge all the running out battery gadgets.
While Aiman did her work, we have some shopping before we can shoot back.
After the shopping time, all of us starts to shoot back again and tell the story about Alamanda.

After Alamanda, we rushed to Taman Botani.
We expect to do some cycling but too bad, we just didn’t make it on time.
Anyhow, we still have some great shot there.
It such a waste if we didn’t ‘exploit’ the beauty of nature there for our video. 😀
I love to play with fish at the lake there, plus it’s a lot of fish, really really a lot.

Because of the beauty of the nature, we managed to take our group’s pictures there.

See all the flower petals? They are beautiful…

We straightly went to Pullman lake.
Guess what, we are running out of gas!
There’s no petrol pump nearby.
I slowly drove to Pullman because if I drive more fast, more petrol usage. 😀
We went to Pullman also just because we want to see the sunset.
By the way, there’s no sunset at Pullman. =..=”
Only sun’s reflection at the skycrapers.

Cover perut Luq2!

After Pullman, we looked for the nearest petrol pump which is actually far.
I feel so relieved we fill in our tank back.
What if the car stop at side of a road if we are really running out of gas?
Night came by…
We went to Taman Warisan to pray and eat! 😀
We are starving.
At Taman Warisan, there is the best coconut shake ever.
Everytime when I feel hot, I always remember the coconut shake.
Like separated lover.
Let me introduce you to my love…

 Oh coconut shake. Me amorr… ❤

We also tried varieties of food there.
It’s a worth place to go eating. 😀
After the whole day journey, we went back at UKM around 10.00 p.m.
We are extremely exhausted but we feel very relieved we managed to finish our production stage.
After the production stage, we did the post-production stage, video editing, audio, pictures.
So many struggle.
After Malaysia in Narration class on Wednesday, we continue our post-production stage together by providing that day each week to finish up and brush up our video.
It’s really a tough work to finish this video.
Without the cooperation from everybody, we won’t make it well.
Until the day, the presentation day will determine our first ‘baby’, because we know nothing about making videos.
This class teach us who have zero knowledge about it to something.
This class not also teach me about technology but teamwork and friendship.
It such an experience to work with you guys, with the perfect bonding we have.
May all this last forever.
This is the best group I have, that cooperates very well.
Love you all my friends. 🙂

Reflection 9 Semester 2011/2012

It’s Sunday and we have a workshop… T.T

Wow, what a drilling for three days. 😛
Today’s workshop is handled by En. Helmi.
Firstly he taught us how to use Adobe Premiere.
To do a full video, we must convert parts of the video to the same format preferably avi format.
So we convert the parts provided by him using online converter,
After we converted all the parts, we inserted them in Adobe Premiere and working on them by inserting audio, layering images with pictures, put title at some parts of the video. It’s all about layering, more or less like Adobe Photoshop.
The difference  is Adobe Photoshop is for images but Adobe Premiere is for video.
I love to use the Adobe Premiere, because the result of the video is superb, it is just that I need some time to get use to it.
Still, Windows Movie Maker is much more easier and easily obtainable.
After Adobe Premiere, I learn to use Sound Booth.
We can fade in and fade out the audio.
We can cut the audio.
I guess this software is really useful for me to cut song and make  it as my handphone ringtone. 😀
Anyhow, Qila said we are not going to use this software because we don’t have it.
I will make sure I will have one someday.
After En. Helmi taught us all the skills, we are given the time to discuss.
Anyhow, I have a family matters to attend to, so I need to go back earlier.
Qila also has assigned me with task as co-member with Luqman.
My overall comment for these two days, this workshop is a really great workshop with great opportunities to learn computer skills, but it’s better prepared with a module.
Because I’m a person that quite easily lost, so I always disturb my friend in order to catch up the teaching.
With a module, I guess I won’t burden other people anymore by disturbing them. 😥
It’s a great week to learn all the stuffs.
Gives me a whole new knowledge that I can apply in my teachings in the future as a future teacher.
I hope I can master all of it well. 🙂

Reflection 8 Semester 2 2011/2012

Class on Saturday?


For the special Saturday class, Dr. Rosseni actually held a post-production workshop for us after we have done the production stage on yesterday.
This post-production workshop will provide us the information to do the editing and touch-ups for our future newborn video. 😀
The workshop starts at 9.00 a.m. until 3.00 p.m.
It makes me so sad when I waited the bus about more than 30 minutes and the only bus that arrive is Zone 6K/6Z bus.
Should be Zone 3 buses are provided on Saturday based on my knowledge.
The workshop is started with En. Faisal’s lecture on Adobe Photoshop.
First, he asked us to do a banner.
Firstly, he taught us to determine the size of our banner.
Usually if we want to know the size, we should use the size of header that was set up at the header’s theme.
Then use selection tool, to crop images easily.
I use this picture to crop some part of it, which is the part we are as fruits.

After I crop it, then I paste it onto this background.

I pick the picture as the background to show us we are the group that loves to travel and it’s about holiday.
I also make some effect of blur at the background layer to make the upper layer of the picture is more outstanding.
I also put some words as instructed by En. Faisal in his teaching.
Now, here comes my first great artwork which is this header also will be use by me as the header that Dr. Rosseni has asked us to do as assignment.

Hopefully Dr. Rosseni will give me good grade on this. :p
Qila also managed to do our group’s header.

Then, after the Adobe Photoshop session, we continue to En. Helmi’s lecture on video production.
We will learn video transferring, video editing, audio editing, and finalizing video.
En. Helmi said, there are many video editing softwares available, usually people will use Windows Movie Maker, Windows Live Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro.
I’m quite lost in the class since I’m not good in making video stuffs.
Anyhow, he said, it’s better to use the avi format instead of other type of format so that the file will be ‘ringan’? o.O
After that, En. Helmi said, do not use too much transitions because the transitions will make the audience too ‘pening’.
It will show that the video is making by amateurs also.
Personally for me Adobe Premiere is very hard for beginner but I believe when we are already good on using it, our masterpiece will be superb compared to Windows Movie Maker.

Windows Movie Maker

Adobe Premiere

Then he introduced to us on sound booth.
Sound booth is the software to edit the audio.
So basically, from my understanding, video that we will produce is the combination of all of this stuffs.
Wow, such a hard work I guess. =..=”
The best part of this workshop is free food!
Thanks Dr. Rosseni for doing such a hardwork to do this workshop for us. 🙂
I love to learn new skills of technology although I’m quite slow in grabbing the teaching.
I also believe that, if we look for such this class outside, it costs us a lot of money.
Maybe hundreds but Dr. Rosseni did it free for us to learn. 🙂 

Reflection 7 Semester 2 2011/2012

Assalamualaikum!~ 😀
For reflection this week, I will tell all of you about our field work at Putrajaya.
It’s a field work!
Field work!
I’m so excited about it!
This is the first time the TESLians have a field work.
Seriously. 😀
If you take Geology, Biology and maybe Sports & Recreation, you will have so many field works to attend to, but not in TESL course.
We’re just stuck in university until some opportunities to do community services.
But now, with the effort from Dr. Rosseni, we have field work for our subject.
Thanks Dr. Rosseni for giving us this opportunity! :’)
Yeah yeah.
I know field work means work.
But, other than work, we have the opportunity to discover new places other than learning in class activity.
Personally, I saw many people went to Putrajaya by going to Taman Botani, Taman Warisan, see all the great architectures, Pullman…
I see the excitement to discover all that.
Eventhough I’m local people here since I’m from Sepang, I’ve never been to all of these places.
When I come to Putrajaya, for sure with a purpose.
Such as, going to the hospital, going to Alamanda.
Didn’t take Putrajaya as interesting place to have a walk.
So I guess, this is my opportunity to get to know Putrajaya with so many interesting places.
First of all, we need to gather around 2.00 p.m. at KTAMS.
We are so bored to wait, so we have some moment together by taking this picture.



At 3.00 p.m. we ride UKM bus toPutrajaya.
Just 15 minutes from UKM.

Firstly, we went to Ministry of Finance.
Dr. Rosseni said, the Ministry building has a great architecture, (which is so symmetrical building) so we can learn to take some  pictures.
Then when we arrived there, suddenly a heavy rain was pouring down which makes our activities become limited.
En. Faisal is the one who taught us about how to use camera, specifically DSLR.
He taught us about rule of thirds and he also explained about three important aspects to shoot a good photo, by adjusting ISO setting, aperture and shutter speed.
ISO setting needs to be adjust depend on light, aperture controls the area over which light can enter your camera while shutter speed controls the duration of the exposure.
A picture also must have a story behind it.

 Ministry of Finance

After that, we went to Masjid Besi. What a magnificent building…
May people always come there and will imarah the beautiful mosque like that…

First thing that we did when we enter the mosque is…
Yummy yum yum!
Thanks for the delicious food Dr. Rosseni.
The mosque has its own workers like tourist guides, like mosque caretakers or something.
Modern mosque caretakers, with uniforms.
The caretakers explained to Qila & me that this mosque is build based on mosque in Madinah which is open air mosque.
I’m actually quite uncomfortable since the mosque is quite open. >.<
Anyway, at the mosque, we spent many hours camwhoring.
Like this.

At Masjid Besi, En. Helmi taught us about mobile augmented reality.
It is the way to detect nearest interesting place using IPad.

All these pictures will be used in tomorrow’s class.
After having a lot of picture taking at the mosque, we went to Pullman.
It is so dark when we arrived there but I love the serenity & peace of Pullman.
But,  we were chased out by the security because it is not allowed to be at Pullman 6.00 p.m. and above.
The last place we go is Pasar Malam.
The longest Pasar Malam in Malaysia.
Lots of food sampai rambang mata!
Extreme hungry.
But by the time, Dr. Rosseni has going back home.
It is just En. Helmi and his friend who are monitoring us.
After that, we went straight back to UKM and we are so tired.
I hope this type of field work will be compulsory in course proforma of Educational Technology for my juniors in the future as it is really helpful in our learning.
We can have fun learning this subject and develop our interest in understand this subject well.
That’s all from me. 🙂


Reflection 6 Semester 2 2011/2012

Assalamualaikum my dear readers! How wow you? :p
For today’s class En. Helmi taught us about video production techniques.
Yeah, sounds boring but actually this class gave me a whole new knowledge about making videos and how to shoot pictures well.
For this week, basically we learn about production phase of making a video after the pre-production phase that we did last week.
At first, we  learn about  the composition of the video shot.
From the notes given by En. Helmi in Video Production Blog,  the composition of the video shots depends on the position of the subject in the video shot. The position of the subject gives the message / different meanings and is called the composition or framing shots. The composition of the shot depends on the field of view (FOV) – FOV that is from the closest to the widest angle. The closest angle is called close-up (CU), middle’s is called middle shot (MS), and the widest angle is called wide shot (WS) or a long shot.

Close-up shot:

Instead of applying close-up shot in this picture, the photographer also apply the rule of third. The rule of third is a guideline which applies to the process of composing visual images such as paintingsphotographs and designs. The guideline proposes that an image should be imagined as divided into nine equal parts by two equally-spaced horizontal lines and two equally-spaced vertical lines, and that important compositional elements should be placed along these lines or their intersections.

Middle shot:

Wide shot/Long shot:

In addition, in video shot, there are angles for video shot. The angle of video shot conveys different messages that can be interpreted by the viewers.

Normal angle:

High angle:

This picture which used this type should reflect the sadness or silence, but I guess the expression of Cik Eman is happy. (?_?) I’m happy when Cik Eman is happy. ^^,

Low angle:

Cik Eman and her Sesame Street group. Aww…

We also learn about the movement of video – camera:

Zoom – Zoom-in is used to indicate a focus on an object, and zoom-out is used to show the entire mood of the scene. However, sometimes the zoom movement makes our shots not realistic and should be used cautiously.

Pan – Another common shot is pan, in which camera is activated in the horizontal direction, but the cameraman did not move from its original position. The term commonly used is “pan right” and “pan left”. This movement is commonly used to describe the speed of the movement of an object. Just like the zoom movement, this movement should be used cautiously and not too often.

Tilt – Tilt is the same shot as pan shots, but there is different in direction which camera is activated in the vertical direction. The term used is the “tilt up” and “tilt down”.

Dolly – A more realistic movement is the movement of a dolly camera, where the entire mobilized near or away from the subject is using a tripod with wheels. The term commonly used is “dolly in” and “dolly out”. Dolly shot shows a change in shot in a more natural perspective.

Truck – Truck movement applies the same shot with a dolly, but its direction is different where the movement is from left to right (or right to left) of the whole camera. The term commonly used is “truck left” or “truck right”. Truck shot is very different from the pan shot, where in the truck shot, the whole camera angle of video shot diverted causing changes of the shot at the same time.

Some shot such as Zoom is not really suitable to be used always because the video will have the noise effect. So En. Helmi suggested that we should use Dolly as a solution.

After that, we learn about mobile tagging. Mobile tag has bar code-like function and can be scan using smartphones which have internet access. En. Helmi introduced us a website to generate a bar-code; Here is the bar code for my blog.

I’m so interested in making this bar code until all websites I went in the class, I generated them with this type of bar-code. With this bar  code you can moblog my blog everywhere, anywhere, everytime, and anytime. :p
We are also have been given the time by the lecturers to discover the usage of video camera.
There are so many new knowledge I have learned for today.
I wish I have my own gadgets to apply all these techniques.
This lesson also triggers my interest to get to know more about making a video and picture photography.
Here is a picture with my precious in the class as a sign of the end for my reflection this week.